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Tibetan Healing Movement Retreat

May 27th-June 1st, 2018

Shambhala Mountain Retreat Center
Red Feather Lake, Colorado

Experience traditional Tibetan Buddhist methods to
release blockages and open the subtle body channels. 

Get grounded and stable with the Earth Element Movement.

Get grounded and stable with the Earth Element Movement.

Tsa Lung combines breath holding with movement.

Tsa Lung combines breath holding with movement.

What You Receive

In this Retreat we will explore the traditional Tantrayana practices in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang.

  • Learn Lu Jong Tibetan yoga, a comprehensive series of movements to release blockages based on principles of Tibetan Medicine. Lu Jong systematically reestablishes the harmonious flow of blood, oxygen and energy in the body. Combining slow targeted movements with rhythmic breathing creates a stillness of mind, resulting in a calm focus after practicing.
  • Learn Tog Chöd, the Wisdom sword practice. Based on the Yama monk dances and movements from the Kalachakra, Tog Chod is a powerful dance with a sword. Cut your thoughts, battle your negative emotions, and become decisive in body and life.
  • Learn Tsa Lung, the breathwork practice with a profound goal. With proper breath retention techniques in combination with precise movements we effectively open hard to reach blocks in the subtle body channels. Our wind-energy, or lung in Tibetan, permeates the body and releases tension in the mind. Ultimately, we come closer to our pure nature.
  • Learn the rich context of this deep path. In Tantrayana Buddhism we use the body to transform our mind. This body is a precious vehicle that—when properly nurtured—can be the best method to increase our awareness, compassion and wisdom.

This retreat will give you several tools to improve your health, boost your energy, balance your emotions, elevate your happiness and deepen your awareness. Plus, receive the motivation to continue at home, whether you choose just one practice or all.




Shambhala Mountain Center
Red Feather Lake, Colorado


  • Over 8 miles of hiking trails
  • Mindfulness based activities: meditation instruction, hiking and other classes.
  • Tours of the Great Stupa and the Kami shrine (a Japanese Shinto shrine).

Nearby Activities

  • Roosevelt National Forest
  • Rafting, kayaking and fishing on Cache La Poudre River

More about Shambhala Mountain Center



Arrival & Departure Times

Closest Airport is Denver International (DEN).

Transportation from Denver airport to Shambhala can be arranged for a fee. More information provided in registration follow-up. 

Arrival Day Schedule  

Check-In: After 4 pm
Dinner: 6:30 pm
Opening Session: 8:00 pm

Departure Day Schedule 

Conclusion Session: Ends at 12 pm.
Check-Out: 11 am
Lunch: 12:30 pm


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Sample Schedule

7:00-7:30 am       Morning Practice
7:30-8:30 am       Breakfast
9:30-12:30 pm     Teaching A.M.
12:30-1:30 pm      Lunch
1:30-3:45 pm        Free
3:45-6:15 pm       Teaching (Movement)  
6:30-7:30 pm       Dinner
8:00-8:30 pm       Guided Relaxation 

Experience an energizing AND calming practice in a beautiful setting.



  • 5-nights accommodation at Shambhala Mountain Retreat
  • 3 meals per day, accommodating vegetarians, vegans and omnivores
  • Morning practice of gentle movement, breathwork and meditation
  • Instruction in the foundation of Lu Jong, Tog Chod, and Tsa Lung
  • Teachings on the fundamental principles of Tibetan Buddhist Tantrayana, five elements theory, the subtle body and more.

Does Not Include:

  • Travel from your home to Denver
  • Permission to teach these practices to others. It is possible to become certified to teach, but this does not fulfill those requirements.




Double Room

Double Room

Accommodation Options

(All Prices are in USD)

Private Room, Shared Bath

Full Payment: $1,19500
3-Payment Option: $411.00  x  3

Private Room, Private Bath

Full Payment: $1,395.00.00
3-Payment Option: $479.00  x  3


Full Payment: $885.00
3-Payment Option: $305.00  x  3

Double Room, Shared Bath

Full Payment: $1,090.00
3-Payment Option: $375.00  x  3

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Cancellation Policy

If it is necessary to cancel your participation in this retreat, there is a $75 non-refundable registration fee.

The remaining amount above $75 is refundable until 21 days before the start of the retreat.

If canceling within less than 21 days before start of the retreat, 50% of the full value is non-refundable and the other 50% may be applied toward any future Tibetan Healing Movement event. 


About Your Teacher

Farrah Garan has dedicated her life to spreading the deep wisdom of the Tibetan healing arts. Her aim is to make these simple—but powerfully effective—practices widely known so that many may benefit. 

Farrah first learned Lu Jong in 2002 and has developed a deep love for it and the other Tantrayana practices she has received from Tulku Lobsang, including Tsa Lung, Tog Chöd and Tummo. Again and again, she experiences in herself and witnesses in her students the vitality, clarity and joy that is a benefit of these profound methods.

Read what others have said about Farrah's teachings on the Testimonials page.

Read more about Farrah's background here.


Is This Retreat Right For You?

Do you sense that your body could be more balanced and more energetic?

Do you wish that you were more centered, with more control over your emotions?

Do you long for a comprehensive practice that addresses the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of your being? One that combines physical movement, breathwork and meditation?

Are you intrigued by the yogic Buddhist practices that have not yet been widely adopted in the West?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this retreat is for you!

Be ready for movement, for meditation, for fun and for depth.

Be ready to meet your body and mind.

Tulku Lobsang, Farrah's teacher and the pioneer of bringing Lu Jong from Tibet to the West.  

Tulku Lobsang, Farrah's teacher and the pioneer of bringing Lu Jong from Tibet to the West.