“Farrah—a lovely teacher in every way; clear, articulate and warm. Thank you!”
                                                                                     —Susan, Northampton, MA

“It was wonderful meeting and learning with you on Sunday. You have a rare gift and passion for teaching....”

—Mona and Marco,
Directors of Institute of Traditional Medicine, Toronto, ON

“Thank you for teaching Lu Jong Healing Yoga Level I in Toronto. I found the teachings comprehensive and transformative. The experiential aspect of the Healing Yoga was also very effective as a learning tool.”

—Patricia, Toronto, ON

“Great Workshop.  It was a pleasure to take instruction from someone so passionate about what she is doing.  You could certainly tell that you loved and enjoyed what you were doing.”

—Sandra,Toronto, ON

“I was talking to one of the students in Aikido who was having trouble with his upper back. I thought the 5 elements movements would be good for him. I just tried a couple with him real quick and he said it really helped.”

—Steve, Upstate NY

“I was at your workshop in New York this past week and I wanted to thank you for your teaching.  I enjoyed very much the direct link between the body movements and the Buddhist practice. You are a clear and open teacher and made the approach to Lu Jong accessible and coherent.”

—Nadine, New York City

“I loved your teaching style – very open and warm, and also very clear in your descriptions and explanations. And your enthusiasm for Lu Jong comes through throughout the class, which is lovely!”

—Sally, Seattle, WA

“The Lu Jong workshop was excellent and it seems like something I could easily and enjoyably fit into my daily life. Thank you!”

—Carly, Seattle, WA

“Lovely, clear teachings and calm energy, grounded, authentic. Thank you for the opportunity to receive these beautiful teachings!”

—Paulina, Vancouver, BC

“Very enthusiastic, focused teacher. Well-structured class with a balance of explanations and demonstration, with ample time to practice. Thank you, in gratitude.”

—Peter, Vancouver, BC

“The class was a stimulating mix of mental, physical and energetic activity. I felt alert and experienced a greater calm and focus by the end of the three hours.”

—Erika, Seattle, WA

“Farrah, You did an incredible job explaining and demonstrating Lu Jong. I really enjoyed your style of instruction. Keep it up!”

—David, Seattle, WA

“Amazing. I learned so much. Thank you for coming to our small town Bishop. You are a great teacher.”

—Crystal, Bishop, CA