What is Tibetan Healing Movement?

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What is Tibetan Healing Movement?

These practices are all about creating openness and balance.

Body, Mind & Breath

We work directly with the body and breath to change the mind. When the body is more open, not only are we healthier and more vibrant, but our mind is more calm, focused and peaceful. 

A relaxed body and relaxed mind enable us to good, clear decisions in our life. 

Training the Subtle Body

The subtle body is the foundation, the scaffolding, for the gross, physical body. Its channels enable the flow of energy and refined substances to circulate throughout the body. 

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These movements train our subtle body channels to be more open and flexible. Channels that have twisted can be straightened. Channels that have broken as a result of various forms of stress can be joined together again. 

Opening the subtle body directly improves the state of our physical health, including all body systems, organs, joints and the musculoskeletal system.

Less blockages also means the mind can flow naturally. We will have more mental focus, clarity and calm.

Support on the Spiritual Path

Are these health practices? Yes!
Is this a spiritual path? Yes!

Do you need any particular religious beliefs to do these? Absolutely not. We are not dogmatic and do not force ideas on others.

Rather, we are using the science of the body to achieve vibrant health. Regardless of religion, our bodies function the same way. 

The only belief that these practices require is the belief that each of us has the potential to be happy, clear, calm and aware. When we are more open and aware, we develop the qualities revered on the spiritual path. 

If you have a desire to improve yourself, to be more balanced, more clear and more calm, then try one of the practices and see for yourself what you experience.

Deep Roots, A Clear Path

These practices are from the Tantric Buddhist tradition. While they are practical methods for health and happiness, they are also part of a deep path.

The goal is to come to understand our true, pure nature. The method is opening the body and relaxing the mind. 

All teachings are from the lineage of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. 

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