Points to Understand


The following provides detailed information about the training program and clearly states the expectations and requirements to successfully complete it. 


  • This certification program is offered through Nangten Menlang International (NMI), a Buddhist Medical Organization founded by Tulku Lobsang.

  • Those who successfully complete the program will be officially certified by the NMI organization & Tulku Lobsang.

  • Farrah Garan is authorized by NMI to prepare potential teachers to teach Lu Jong 1, Lu Jong 2 and Tog Chӧd in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang.

  • Lu Jong, while rooted in Tibetan Medicine, is also intimately connected with Tibetan Buddhism. Tog Chod, while accessible to all that want to develop mental calm and focus, is also intimately connected with Tibetan Buddhism. While it is not necessary to consider oneself Buddhist or teach Buddhist concepts when teaching Lu Jong or Tog Chod, understanding Buddhist principles is fundamental to understanding these practices. Therefore, this is an integral part of the curriculum.

  • Buddhism refers to the application of methods for understanding the nature of our mind, body and phenomena. There will be absolutely no indoctrination or disrespect to any other religious beliefs. People of all religions, ages and abilities are welcome to join the training.

  • As part of the course, you will be receiving a Teacher’s Manual. Please respect that this is copyrighted material and cannot be reproduced or shared.


  • It is necessary to attend both the complete Teacher Training (also called Education) and the Certification Intensive in order to receive your certificate to teach.

  • In order to attend the Certification Intensive, it is necessary to have Farrah Garan’s positive assessment that you have successfully completed the requirements of the Training.

  • One may attend the Lu Jong Certification Intensive from home via computer. This is not possible for Tog Chӧd at this time.

  • You will need to pass both a written and practical exam before receiving the certificate to teach.

  • If you do not pass, you will be given constructive feedback and another opportunity to take the exams. 

  • The Certification Intensive for North American students is organized by Nangten Menlang US. To fulfill this final requirement, one can choose instead to travel to Germany and attend the corresponding Master Class for your practice, which is taught by Tulku Lobsang.

  • One has two years from completion of their Education to attend either a Certification Intensive or Master Class. If one has not completed this step within two years, attendance at another Education will be required.

  • In order to maintain a valid Teacher’s Certificate, it is necessary to attend a Renewal event after two years, and then every four years after the first renewal. The Renewals are held concurrently with the Certification event and are organized by Nangten Menlang.


Thank you for reviewing the above information.