Webinar-Lu Jong

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How the tibetan Yoga of Lu Jong
Can Effectively
Heal Your Body & Focus Your Mind
(You Can Teach It Too!)

Thursday, February 15
Live @ 12 pm PST / 3 pm EST **

Lu Jong is a series of gentle yogic exercises based on principles of Tibetan Medicine.

It is accessible, effective and works on balancing multiple dimensions at once---physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

It is also a preparation for higher levels of yogic practices.



Hi, I’m Farrah.

I am a long-time student of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, and am certified to teach Lu Jong and to train new teachers in his lineage.

Let me tell you more about this deep-rooted path and how it is exactly what many of us are looking for today.

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In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The history and tradition of Lu Jong and the lineage of Tulku Lobsang
  • The fundamental goal and methods of the Tantrayana (Vajrayana) Buddhist path
  • How to balance the five elements in our mind and body, improving the functionality of both

  • What is the subtle body and how do we care for it?

  • Simple methods to create space and mobility in the spine and how that boosts our vitality, healing capacity and spiritual potential

  • Why balancing the temperature in your body can balance all physiological systems

  • How you can use your body to develop mindfulness and focus

  • How you can learn Lu Jong and find a teacher

Make Friends with your Body
& Empower Yourself on your Healing Journey.


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