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Tog Chöd Teacher Training

Starting on August 5, 2018! 


Tog Chöd Wisdom Sword
Teacher Training

Do you want to help people become more mindful? 
Do you want to enable people to be more in control of their thoughts and their actions?

Tog Chöd makes us feel alive, clear-headed and courageous. 

This moving meditation, a choreographed dance with a sword, transforms habitual thought patterns and reveals our true power.

Rooted in principles of Tibetan Buddhism, Tog Chöd has a deep philosophy and symbolism.

Our world today desperately needs more people to act from a place of clarity. We can no longer let negative emotions rule our actions!

Become a Tog Chöd teacher and share a unique method for making minds more functional and more compassionate. 

Tulku Lobsang, Founder of Tog Chod

Tulku Lobsang, Founder of Tog Chod

What Is Tog Chöd?

Tog Chöd was developed by Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. Based on the famous Tibetan monk dances and Kalachakra movements, Tog Chöd uses our body to take us fully into present moment awareness. Here we become aware of our negative emotions which is the first step to no longer being ruled by them.

In Tibetan, tog means thought and chöd means cut. Our deep concentration enables us to cut through our clutter of thoughts. Our mind becomes clear and calm. This is where we access our deep knowing. 

In short, the wisdom sword slices through doubt and indecision, empowering us to ACT from a place of true wisdom.


Program Overview

This Teacher Certification Program is offered in conjunction with Nangten Menlang International Buddhist Medical Organization. 

Nangten Menlang International is dedicated to the preservation and spread of the traditional Tibetan healing arts. All methods aim to connect each of us with our own inner master and inner medicine. 

Through thoughtfully curated programs and trainings, high-quality teachers play an important role in sharing these methods for the benefit of many.


  • You will be able to confidently and effectively teach Tog Chöd Wisdom Sword.
  • You will be intimately familiar with all forms of Tog Chöd 1 and Tog Chöd 2 and be able to perform them with natural flow.
  • You will be able to teach the Tog Chöd movements and guide your students through a progression of learning and refinement that brings them closer and closer to the true purpose—true mindfulness and inner space. 
  • You will be able to explain the deep philosophy of Tog Chöd, including the path of Tantrayana Buddhism, the purpose of mindfulness, and how to slay the king of all suffering.
  • You will know Tulku Lobsang, the pioneer of this ancient practice in the West.
  • You will become part of the Nangten Menlang International (NMI) community.
  • And, most importantly, you will be able to go into your own communities and offer something that will bring great benefit.

Steps To Becoming A Tog Chöd Teacher In The Lineage Of Tulku Lobsang

Step 1: Education

The Education is an 18-day intensive study taught by a certified Educator—in this case, Farrah Garan. 

The Education will be offered over 3 live sessions and 2 teleseminar sessions. The final live session will also include the certification. 

In these 18 days, you will receive all forms of the Tog Chöd 1 and 2 practice as well as the rich context of this practice, and several supporting practices, such as Mindfulness Meditation, a breath work practice, and Secret Tsa Lung.

See below for the curriculum for the Education.

Step 2: Certification

The Certification is when you will receive the direct transmission from Tulku Lobsang. He will share further insight into Tog Chöd, how it fits into a deeper path of true health and wellbeing, and your role as a teacher. 

The Certification includes both a written and practical exam. Upon successful completion of both, you will receive your certificate to teach in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang. 

This is also an opportunity to connect to other Tog Chöd teachers throughout North America and strengthen our network. 

Step 3: Renewal

After two years, you need to renew your certificate. After this first time, renewal only needs to be done every four years. This enables all the teachers to stay fresh, current and connected.


There are no prior requirements to participate in this program.

People of all backgrounds, ages (minimum of 18), experience levels and body types are very welcome. No experience with yoga or Buddhism is necessary.

If you are drawn to this program, you have self-selected. To desire to be a teacher of a movement practice implies that you feel comfortable speaking in front of others (or are willing to develop that skill as needed), are articulate, do not mind demonstrating simple movements, enjoy interacting with others, and value personal development and on-going learning. 

We simply ask that you have a commitment to your own development, to your own health and happiness, and that you would want the same for others.

Come with an open heart, open mind and desire to help others and you are very welcome!


Education Curriculum

During the 18-day Education, participants will be given the experience, context and teaching tools to effectively and confidently share the Tog Chöd practice with others.

Specific topics that will be covered include:

Drawing_Tog Chod_Sword_smaller.jpg


The Origins and Meaning of Tog Chöd
- Tulku Lobsang: Pioneer of Tog Chöd
- Kalachakra & Yama Monk Dance
- Benefits of Tog Chöd
- Applications

Principles of Tibetan Buddhism
- Wisdom & Method
- Devotion & Motivation
- Releasing Negative Emotions
- Karma is Action 

Tantrayana Buddhist Principles
- Diamond Vehicle
- Father Tantrayana, Mother Tantrayana
- Discovering Your Inner Master
- Four Transformational Thoughts

The Philosophy of Tog Chöd
- Life is One Day
- Moving Past Fear & Expectation
- Inner Change
- Courage & Self-Confidence
- The Power of Decision
- Responsibility & Freedom


The Movement Forms of Tog Chöd
- Tog Chöd 1: Five Forms
- Tog Chöd 2: Four Forms

Variations of Tog Chöd
- Outer, Inner, Secret
- Embodying the Five Elements
- Free Form Movement


Mindfulness Meditation
- Formal Meditation Practice
- Movement Practice

Tsa Lung Breathwork Practices
 - Basic Tsa Lung
- The Nine Secret Tsa Lung Exercises


Practice Guidelines
- Breathing Patterns
- Styles of Movement

How to Be an Effective Teacher
- Steps of Learning Progression
- Tog Chod Learning Exercises

Preparing for a Teaching

Organizing a Teaching
- Finding a Venue
- Pricing, Format Options

Marketing Advice & Tools
- Communicating with Your Audience
- Preparing Promotional Material

Sample Schedule

7:00 - 8:30       Morning Practice
8:30 - 10:00      Breakfast Break
10:00 - 11:30     Context, Benefits & Background
11:30 - 1:00       Movements Exploration
1:00 - 4:00        Lunch Break
4:00 - 6:00       Pedagogic Tools
6:00 - 8:00       Dinner Break
8:00 - 9:00       Evening Gathering (Discussion, Relaxation Exercises)

Tulku Lobsang with Tog Chöd students

Tulku Lobsang with Tog Chöd students

After The Education Intensive

You will receive continuous guidance so that you can continue to deepen your practice and teaching technique at home. This includes:

  • Two Additional Class Sessions  

    Via online conferencing, we will explore more topics related to Tog Chod such as the Nature of the Mind, Types of Teachers, and the Energetic Body
  • Tog Chod Support Emails

    Receive consistent support in your inbox with tips, inspiration, study and practice principles to guide your at-home journey and support your certification preparation.
  • Personal Assessment of Your Movement Practice

    After practicing at home for some time, submit a video of yourself doing the practice. I will record an assessment and offer suggestions to refine your practice.  
  • Personal Assessment of Your Teaching Approach

    After studying your manual and notes at home for some time, submit a video of yourself teaching, including an introduction, background topic and a movement. I will review your presentation and pedagogic style and offer suggestions to refine your teaching technique
  • Certification Preparation: Review and Refresh

    During our third session, we will review the details of the practice and principles of Tog Chod. We will practice together and discuss the important points for being an effective teacher. I will answer your questions and offer support so that you may step into the Certification with confidence and quality. 



To complete the Tog Chöd Certification Program, it is necessary to attend a certification event.
You may choose to attend either the North American or European Certifications. 

The North American Certification will take place during Session 3:

April 4 - 7, 2019
Synergia Ranch
Santa Fe, NM

This includes:

  • 2-Days Review and Refresh
  • Exam Administration and Assessment
  • Certificate to teach upon successful completion
  • License to use official materials

Certification Curriculum

During the Certification Course, you will receive Tulku Lobsang’s direct transmission. He will further prepare you to be a representative of Tog Chöd by sharing the deep essence of the teaching. This is your opportunity to connect with him, the lineage holder and pioneer of Tog Chöd. 

At this time, you will also take both a written and a practical exam. Upon successfully passing both, you will receive your certificate directly from Tulku Lobsang, as well as his blessing to teach in his name.

Tulku Lobsang_Teaching in India_cropped.jpg

What You Receive After Certification

After becoming an officially certified teacher, you will receive the following from Nangten Menlang International:

  • Official Listing as a Teacher on the International website (Currently at but in the process of moving to
  • Your Own Personal Page on the International website
  • Your Own official email address
  • License to Use Official Tog Chöd Graphics, including:
    • Tog Chöd Logo
    • Photos of the movements
    • Photos of Tulku Lobsang
    • Tog Chöd traditional drawings
    • Tog Chöd Calligraphy
    • Tog Chöd Handouts
    • Official Texts
  • Flyer and Postcard Templates prepared by a professional graphic artist that you can use to promote your teachings
  • Support from Nangten Menlang International, such as their press and marketing efforts


Additionally, You Will Receive the Following From Farrah:

  • Continued access to Farrah into the future if questions arise or guidance is needed
  • Access to a closed Tog Chöd Teachers Facebook group. This is a community platform for our network of teachers to support one another, ask for suggestions and share ideas.
  • Special reduced pricing on future Tog Chöd trainings and retreats offered by Farrah. It is important to me that you have multiple opportunities to refresh your learning and strengthen your connection to the practice and the community!



Dates & Locations

Session 1

August 5 - 11, 2018
Shambhala Mountain
Red Feather Lakes, CO

Session 2                 Session 3 + Certification

Nov 8 - 14, 2018                    April 4 - 7, 2019
Synergia Ranch                    Synergia Ranch
Santa Fe, NM                        Santa Fe, NM


*NOTE: Attendance at all Sessions is mandatory for successful completion of the training program. 


Shambhala Mountain Center, Red Lake, CO

Shambhala Mountain Center, Red Lake, CO

Shambhala Mountain Center, Red Lake, CO

Shambhala Mountain Center, Red Lake, CO


Program Cost

The costs outlined below are separated by session. This way, you are free to select different accommodations from one session to the next. Also, it enables the program cost to be spread out over time to make it easier for you financially.

Each of the quoted Session costs include relevant Program Fees, Tuition, Accommodations, Meals, Venue Facilities, and Program Materials.

Attendance at all three sessions is mandatory to earn your Teaching Certificate.

Payment for each session is due prior to its commencement.

Cost Includes:

Shambhala, Dorm

Shambhala, Dorm

  • 18-Day Education in Tog Chöd with Farrah
  • 6-Nights Accommodations at Shambhala Mountain Retreat in Colorado
  • 6-Nights Accommodations in November
  • 3-Nights Accommodations in April at Synergia Ranch in New Mexico
  • 3 Delicious Meals per Day, every day (15 days!)
  • Nangten Menlang International Registration Fee of $420 USD
  • Nangten Menlang International Certification Fee of $180 USD
  • The Tog Chöd Manual and other Teaching Materials
  • Ongoing Follow-up and Support for Successful Certification
  • Access to Nangten Menlang’s Licensed Material to promote your Tog Chöd classes 
  • Official listing on the international website
Shambhala, Double Room

Shambhala, Double Room

Cost Does Not Include:

  • Travel from your home to the teaching locations

A minimum deposit of $500 is needed to reserve your space in this training. The remaining balance for Session 1 can be paid upon arrival on August 5th via check, or in advance via credit card.

Shambhala: Dorm Room / Shared Bathroom  = $1240
Shambhala: Double Room / Shared Bathroom = $1490
Shambhala: Private Room / Shared Bathroom = $1620
Shambhala: Private Room / Private Bathroom  = $1855

Shambhala, Single Room

Shambhala, Single Room

Deposit for Session 2 is due before October 8, 2018.

Synergia: Double Room = $1175
Synergia: Private Room = $1320

Deposit for Session 3 is due before March 4, 2019.

Synergia: Double Room = $460
Synergia: Private Room = $550


Synergia Ranch

Synergia Ranch

Synergia Ranch

Synergia Ranch

Synergia Ranch

Synergia Ranch


Click on one of the images below to register for this training and choose your accommodations.

If you select to pay the deposit of $500, you can choose to either pay the remaining balance via check on August 5th, or to pay in advance with a credit card. 

I am happy to welcome you there!

Cancellation Policy

If it is necessary to cancel your participation in this training, there is a $200 non-refundable registration fee.

The remaining balance is refundable until 45 days before the start of the training.

If canceling within less than 45 days before start of the training, 50% of the full value is non-refundable and the other 50% may be applied toward a future Tibetan Healing Movement event within 24 months. 


Is This Training Right For You?

Do you want to offer a completely unique method that is physically active, but ultimately trains the mind?

Do you want to help others feel in control of their stress, thoughts and emotions? 

Do you want to empower people to positively change themselves and their lives?

There is more and more interest in Tog Chöd and we need loving, compassionate individuals to help share it.

If you feel in your heart that this program is right for you, then I am sure you will find it to be worth the commitment.

This training is an investment in yourself and your community. It will open several doors for you and create new opportunities in your life.

There are many possibilities for your teachings and the benefit you give and receive will be priceless! 

See you in Colorado!


Have Questions?

We’re happy to help you to decide if this program is right for you. Contact us to ask your question or to schedule a 15-minute consultation with Farrah. Just click the button below.

About Your Teacher

Bishop_On Rock_b&w.jpg

Farrah Garan has dedicated her life to spreading the deep wisdom of the Tibetan healing arts. Her aim is to make these simple—but powerfully effective—practices widely known so that many may benefit. 

Farrah first learned Lu Jong in 2002 and has developed a deep love for it and the other Tantrayana practices she has received from Tulku Lobsang, including Tsa Lung, Tog Chöd and Tummo. Again and again, she experiences in herself and witnesses in her students the vitality, clarity and joy that is a benefit of these profound methods.

She has worked closely with Tulku Lobsang since 2002, as a student, chairwoman of the US branch of his organization, the North American Tour Coordinator, and as an employee of Nangten Menlang International. She is the editorial journalist for his books and has been integral in developing the Lu Jong Teacher Certification program, manual and curriculum.

Read what others have said about Farrah's teachings on the Testimonials page.

Read more about Farrah's background here.


LOGO_Tog Chod_Certified Teacher.jpg

Additional Teacher Trainings Offered

Here are more opportunities to teach healing movement practices from the Tantrayana Buddhist tradition in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang.