RETREAT - Tibetan Yoga & Breathwork

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RETREAT - Tibetan Yoga & Breathwork

from 299.00

In this retreat, learn Lu Jong Tibetan Healing Yoga and Tsa Lung Breathwork.

Lu Jong is rooted in principles of Tibetan Medicine. This comprehensive system of rhythmic movements combined with breathing effectively release blockages in the body and energy channels, with particular focus on the spine and joints.

Tsa Lung trains us to use our breath to reach deeper places within the body. Learn safe, effective breath retention techniques. Combine breath retention with targeted movements to open the subtle energy channels and improve the quality of blood and hormones.

Participants receive:

  • The full 21 movements of the Lu Jong practice, as well as an understanding of how to expand and contract the practice to fit your time needs

  • Breathing exercises and visualizations to deepen the breath

  • Instruction in breath retention

  • Fundamental movements to combine with breath retention to reach deep in the body.

  • Meditation practices to purify and relax the body and mind

    All practices are taught by Farrah Garan in the tradition of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche.