Workshop: Tsa Lung

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Tsa LungWorkshop (1).png

Workshop: Tsa Lung


In Tibetan, tsa means channel and lung means wind-energy. These are two of the three components of the subtle body. The third is essence, which is carried through the channels by the wind. Tsa Lung harnesses the breath to open the the subtle channels of the body, enabling the energy and vital essences to flow harmoniously. 

With this practice, we train proper breath retention in combination with movement to release blockages. The result is increased vitality and a calmer, clearer mind.

Tsa Lung includes preliminary practices to prepare the body, breath and channels, and set the proper motivation, as well as meditation and visualization to integrate the changes.

In this introductory workshop, participants will:

- Receive background teachings on the purpose and lineage of the practice
- Learn a breathing practice to balance and cleanse the side-channels
- Practice the 4 steps of proper breath retention, which is the foundation of Tsa Lung
- Experience a core set of movements that can be done in conjunction with breath retention, whether a beginner or more advanced
- Understand what the subtle body is why it is vital to care for it
- Practice meditation to close the practice and integrate the openings that were created