Lu Jong Webinar Replay

How the tibetan Yoga of Lu Jong
Can Effectively
Heal Your Body & Focus Your Mind

Exclusive Webinar Replay

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Lu Jong is a series of gentle yogic exercises based on principles of Tibetan Medicine.

It is accessible, effective and works on balancing multiple dimensions at once---physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

It is also a preparation for higher levels of yogic practices.


Hi, I’m Farrah.

I am a long-time student of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, and am certified to teach Lu Jong and to train new teachers in his lineage.

Let me tell you more about this deep-rooted path and how it is exactly what many of us are looking for today.


Want to learn More About This Healing Practice?

Lu Jong & Tsa Lung Retreat

September 3rd-7th, 2018

Loon Lake Retreat Centre
Maple Ridge, BC
(1 hour east of Vancouver)

Experience traditional Tibetan Buddhist methods to
release blockages and open the subtle body channels.

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What You Receive during the retreat

We will explore the traditional Tantrayana practices in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang.

  • Learn Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga, a comprehensive series of movements to release blockages based on principles of Tibetan Medicine. Lu Jong systematically reestablishes the harmonious flow of blood, oxygen and energy in the body. Combining slow targeted movements with rhythmic breathing creates a stillness of mind, resulting in a calm focus after practicing.
  • Learn Tsa Lung, the breathwork practice with a profound goal. With proper breath retention techniques in combination with precise movements we effectively open hard to reach blocks in the subtle body channels. Our wind-energy, or lung in Tibetan, permeates the body and releases tension in the mind. Ultimately, we come closer to our pure nature.
  • Learn the rich context of this deep path. In Tantrayana Buddhism we use the body to transform our mind. This body is a precious vehicle that—when properly nurtured—can be the best method to increase our awareness, compassion and wisdom.

This retreat will give you several tools to improve your health, boost your energy, balance your emotions, elevate your happiness and deepen your awareness. Plus, receive the motivation to continue a clear practice at home.




Loon Lake Retreat Centre

14500 Silver Valley Road,
Maple Ridge, BC

~40 min east of Vancouver, BC




Make Friends with your Body
& Empower Yourself on your Healing Journey.