Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga

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What is Lu Jong?

Movement from Group 1

Movement from Group 1

Lu Jong means “body training” or “body refinement.” It is a foundational practice in Tantrayana Buddhism. It is based on principles of Tibetan Medicine and the understanding that the body must have a certain degree of balance and openness in order to progress mentally and spiritually.

Lu Jong systematically releases blockages on the physical, mental and energetic levels. Combining form, movement and deep breathing, it massages points on the body, releasing blocked areas and harmonizing the flow of energy. While it has very practical health purposes, its meditative movement also provides deep relaxation.

Movement from Group 2

Movement from Group 2

This practice is a comprehensive series of 21 exercises curated by Tulku Lobsang to be maximally effective in addresing our modern imbalances.

The Movements

There are five groups of movements in Tulku Lobsang's Lu Jong practice:

Movement from Group 3

Movement from Group 3

The Five Elements Movements (for fundamental balancing and spinal health)
The Five Body Parts Movements (for the Musculoskeletal System)
The Five Vital Organ Movements (for boosting organ function)
The Six Conditions Movements (for common imbalances)

Movement from Group 4

Movement from Group 4

The first group of movements increases the health and mobility of the spine, which is the root and battery of the body. They are called the Five Elements movements because they balance the inner energies of earth, water, fire, wind and space. Balanced elements are the foundation of a healthy body system and mental stability. They take less than 15 minutes to do and are a complete practice, so if time is short, one can choose to stop there.

Or, add another group of movements to target other body systems. The group of musculoskeletal exercises lubricate the joints and align the pelvis. The vital organs movements boost oxygenation and blood flow to the organs. Finally, the Six Conditions Movements address common imbalances, such as poor digestion, water retention, improving the senses, and depression.

Energize the Body, Calm the Mind

In the Tibetan view, mental issues such as stress, emotional instability and depression are a result of imbalanced elements and blocked body channels. When we address the body’s fundamental blocks, the mind reaches a new state of clarity and insight. In this way, opening the body is a method to reach higher states of awareness.

Because it is such a clear system, Lu Jong empowers practitioners to develop strong habits for practicing on their own. And since it is one practice that is simultaneously physical activity, breathwork, mindfulness and meditation - it is quite efficient too!

Upcoming Lu Jong Teachings

Sunday, May 13, 2018

10 am - 1 pm

Vancouver School of Healing Arts
(formerly Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage)
342 Water Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1B6

In this workshop, participants will

  • Receive both Theory (Understanding) and Practice (Experience)
  • Learn the Lu Jong Five Elements Movements, a complete practice to open the spine and balance the body.
  • Understand the fundamental structure of the Subtle Body
  • Explore principles of Tantrayana Buddhism and Tibetan Medicine, both of which apply to Lu Jong
  • Experience more Lu Jong movements, according to the needs of the class. 
  • Approach the natural, calm state through relaxation

$36 USD ($45 CAD)


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