Lu Jong 2


Lu Jong Level 2

Lu Jong 2 is a set of 15 movements that build on the openings we created in the channels
by practicing Lu Jong 1.

The movements are in three groups:

1. Five Movements for Preventing Disease
2. Five Movements for Pain Reduction
3. Five Movements for Strengthening and Refining

Through Lu Jong 1 we have already worked on: 

 - Balancing the five elements of body and mind
 - Improving the mobility of our spine and musculoskeletal system
 - Opening the blood flow to the organs
 - and Reducing common imbalances. 

We are now ready to go deeper with our practice.

In Lu Jong 2, we now generate more energy and further refine the five elements and body channels. There is more focus on joint mobility, lengthening the tendons, and strengthening the ligaments.

Greater balance and agility are cultivated through the movements,
as we challenge ourselves to develop beyond Lu Jong Level 1.


There are currently only four people worldwide that are able to train teachers in Tulku Lobsang’s Lu Jong Level 2 practice. Farrah is the only one outside of Europe.

In order to attend the Lu Jong Level 2 training, it is a requirement to already be a teacher of Lu Jong 1. Therefore, this year Farrah is focusing on building more Lu Jong Level 1 teachers.

The decision of whether or not to organize a Lu Jong 2 Teacher Training in 2018 will depend on the degree of interest. Please use the “Request a Teaching” form to let Farrah know of your interest in this training!

Additional Teacher Trainings Offered

Here are more opportunities to teach healing movement practices from the Tantrayana Buddhist tradition in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang.