The Teacher

Farrah Garan

Farrah founded Tibetan Healing Movement to support the spread of the Tantrayana Buddhist practices she received from Tulku Lobsang. By teaching these methods, she aims to empower people with the tools for cultivating their own healing and balance.

She has been a long-time student of Tulku Lobsang and is certified by him to teach the Tibetan Healing Movement practices.

Farrah first met her teacher on a trip to India in early 2002. She encountered a course in Tibetan Medicine and spontaneously decided to attend. That course, taught by Tulku Lobsang, took her on an exciting path of discovery of the Tantrayana Buddhist philosophy.

Inspired by devotion to her teacher and his charismatic teaching style, she organized tours, workshops and retreats for him in the US. She transcribed and edited oral teachings, wrote manuals and articles, and whatever else was needed to help his organization grow.

Today, Farrah continues to work for Nangten Menlang International, as chairwoman of the North American branch of the organization, as editorial journalist for Tulku Lobsang’s publications and as a facilitator of the Lu Jong Teacher Certification Program.

Farrah has a Masters degree in Perception and Communication (with a cultural focus), a B.A. in Biology from Boston University, and a certificate in Consciousness Studies from the Center for World Indigenous Studies. She is the author of Sensory Perception: Agent for Paradigm Shift.

Although based in Seattle, she often (and happily) travels to offer teachings.


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