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Retreat ~ Tog Chöd

  • Synergia Ranch 26 Synergia Road Santa Fe, NM, 87508 United States (map)

Experience a moving meditation to transform habitual thought patterns and step into one's power. This choreographed dance with a sword is rooted in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. Tog Chöd has deep symbolic meaning and is also a practical method for developing mindfulness, self-confidence and clarity.

Participants will:

  • Learn decisive movements with a wooden sword that drop us into the present moment

  • Understand the importance of mind training and how we can use the body to do it

  • Receive the rich philosophy of this practice, including "creating a good dream", "the power of decision" and "life is one day"

  • Experience the power of mantra for setting intention and calming the nervous system

  • Have fun!!

With this practice, we face the only enemy there is—our own negative emotions. Taught by Farrah Garan, in the tradition of Tulku Lobsang.  

November 9 - 11, 2018
Synergia Ranch
Santa Fe, NM
From $350