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Tsa Lung: Open Your Channels, Increase Your Energy

The Nine Breaths: A Purification of the Channels

The Nine Breaths: A Purification of the Channels

This Tibetan technique harnesses the breath to open more subtle channels of the body than, for example, Lu Jong. There are many variations of Tsa Lung, but all release blockages, cultivate supple channels and immensely improve the vitality of body and mind.

In Tibetan, tsa means channel and lung means vital wind. Our subtle bodies consist of three things: our 72,000+ channels, the vital winds that flow through them, and the essences. The health of our subtle body has a direct and absolutely determinative effect on our physical and mental health. Therefore, any practice that improves the state of the channels will definitely be positively experienced in other aspects of our lives as well.

Tsa Lung is breathwork. We use breath retention techniques while performing certain movements with the body. The effect is that we stretch and manipulate the channels while simultaneously moving the breath (wind) through them. The result is that we clear the channels of blockages, straighten twisted channels and nourish dry, brittle channels. And, we learn to move our energy through body movement.

The health of your channels is of utmost importance! Generally, we do not place sufficient priority on this. And so, no matter how good we are with our diet, our cardio workouts and our relaxation activities, we might find that we still have a lack of energy, experience burnout, or find ourselves short-tempered. If you have this experience, I encourage you to try some practices that work on improving your subtle body. See if you notice any positive results!