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Tog Chod: The Wisdom Sword to Conquer Fear

“In all of life, it is fear that brings the greatest suffering.”  —Tulku Lobsang

“In all of life, it is fear that brings the greatest suffering.”

—Tulku Lobsang

Tog Chöd

is a practice of cutting through. Are you held back by fear or a lack of courage? Do you find that you lack the resolve to find your direction and follow your path? Do you seek to become more powerful in spirit and strength of character? Tog Chöd is for you!

This is a meditation in movement, a dance with a sword. However, the only enemy you are fighting is yourself. When you can reign in fear and expectation and transform them into strength and conviction you will find that there are less obstacles and more flow in your life. In this practice, we harness our anger and—with compassion as the base motivation—we empower and free ourselves from self-limiting beliefs.

Tog Chöd is rooted in the Yaman monk dances and the movements of the Kalachakra, but it is a unique creation of Tulku Lobsang. From him, we learn the forms and symbolism that empower us, and, ultimately, we learn to find our own language and expression through free form movement.

Practicing Tog Chöd brings us immediately into the present moment. Through this very physical method, we are shuttled into the now—the most powerful moment there is. Here, we come face to face with our true selves, our true potential.

The more we practice and internalize the movements, the more mindfulness we cultivate. We cut through the mundane thoughts and habits that hold us back, and develop an awareness that propels us into our full potential.