Thank you for reviewing these points.
You will be asked to indicate on the Registration form that you have read, understood and agree to them.


By registering for this retreat, and indicating on the registration form that you have read this document and fully understand it, you are also consenting to the following release of liability statements:

  • I am familiar with the event for which I am registering and understand that it will involve physical activity and meditation.

  • I agree that I am fully responsible for my physical and emotional well-being. I recognize and respect the limits of my body and will take precautions as needed not to exceed those limits.

  • I take full responsibility for any and all personal injuries, property damage, loss of personal property, or any other loss that may result from my participation in this event.

  • I agree not to hold Farrah Garan, Tulku Lobsang or the venue responsible for any damages, liabilities or expenses that result from my participation.


  • You are responsible for your own travel to the retreat venue or to the pick-up location of the shuttle service, if provided.

  • If you do not live in the country where either the event is being held, a passport will be necessary to travel there.

  • Portions of this retreat may be filmed or photographed for promotional purposes. By participating in this event, you consent to photography, video recording, audio recording, and/or interview(s), as well as their release, publication or reproduction to be used for promotional or educational purposes by Tibetan Healing Movement.
    By joining this event, you waive all rights you may have to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with any use or publication of these materials. You also waive any right to inspect or approve any photo, video or audio recording.


  • Payment in full must be received before the start of the retreat, unless stated otherwise in a written agreement with Farrah.

  • All payments must be in US dollars, unless stated otherwise in a written agreement with Farrah.

  • Cancellation Policy:

    • If it is necessary to cancel your participation in this training, there is a $200 non-refundable registration fee.

    • The remaining balance is refundable until 45 days before the start of the retreat.

    • If canceling within less than 45 days before start of the training, 50% is non-refundable and the other 50% may be applied toward a future Tibetan Healing Movement event. It is not possible to apply this balance toward a Nangten Menlang event.

~~ Thank you for reviewing the above document.~~